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Educating the Unreachable

In the hard-to-reach river islands in northern Bangladesh, lack of access, roads and electricity create a situation in which educational institutions are extremely difficult to run. Schools are difficult to set up and it is hardly possible to find and maintain teachers in these areas. The challenge is therefore to bypass the geographical isolation and lack of qualified teachers by using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and out-of-the-box thinking that yield real results.


We work in partnership with individuals, communities, organisations and the government to create lasting solutions to the challenges faced by the poor and marginalized communities in Bangladesh.


Our Vision

How we make a difference

Our work with the poor began with Healthcare, but it soon became clear that to make a lasting impact on people’s lives we had to resolve other issues at the same time to break the cycle of poverty. Below is a selection of some of the services and help we offer communities in otherwise inaccessible areas of Bangladesh.

Medical Health Camps

Cataracts, cleft palate, club foot and burn contractures are some of the conditions seen frequently amongst the char inhabitants. We organize regular free health camps where specialists (local and foreign) operate and treat these patients in our hospital ships.


Cervical Cancer Programme

There is a huge lack of care for cervical cancer in hard to reach areas although it is prevalent among Bangladeshi women. We are proud to play a part in raising awareness and helping treat the disease. In 2015, Friendship screened 16,910 women and 265 were treated for pre-cancerous lesions under our Cervical Cancer programme.

Immunisation of Children

Difficulties in accessing the remote char areas often mean that children miss out on receiving vital healthcare services that are available elsewhere. In cooperation with the Bangladesh Government Heath Authority, we facilitated full vaccination coverage of 9,500 eligible children in 2015.


Low cost solar-powered lighting

Using modern technology, Friendship has developed a clean, environmentally friendly and low-cost solar panel that powers a lighting system. It is adapted to suit the needs of the char dwellers and is designed to replace the traditional source of lighting in the poor rural areas of Bangladesh, the kerosene lamp. The kerosene lamp is inefficient, unhealthy in closed spaces and a dangerous source of fires and burns. Friendship’s Solar Home System operates at the same cost to the user as the kerosene lamp and brings with it other advantages that greatly improve living standards.

Social work 

is a profession concerned with helping individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their individual and collective well-being. It aims to help people develop their skills and their ability to use their resources and those of the community to resolve problems.

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